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About Me

I have a background in both the arts and science. I trained as a painter at Winchester School of Art, but since then I have been increasingly drawn to using photography as my primary medium. My subject matter is anything natural, from plants to landscapes, from the wide angle vista to the micro view between the trees. Many things catch my eye: colour, pattern, texture, the play of light, but nothing intrigues me more than the layers of vegetation in a old countryside hedgerow. Books inform me, I live surrounded by piles of them, read and unread. I am also a firm believer in the power of the outdoors and nature for the mental and physical wellbeing of everyone and that the natural British countryside is a vastly undervalued asset, which we may well only realise too late. How this informs my art is still something I'm trying to work out, but by compiling this website I have realised that my tendency towards the abstract is how I express myself best, and that this may be my way of showing that only a part of a story can ever be told.

About me

I have had an artistic practice for 30 years, initially working with paint effects and decorative painting. In 2006 I went to Winchester School of Art to study Fine Art, this led to a focus on painting on canvas and a working on paper with mixed media. I also studied photography at BTEC level and I've melded a fascination with the abstracted forms and lighting with the use of this medium.

Subsequent to my art degree I studied film theory, partly in order to consolidate a surprising interest in critical theory, which continues to this day and now provides a framework and context for my work. That context is an exploration of boundaries and structures. As it's an exploration I do not have answers to questions that puzzle me, but use my art practice to further my understanding. This had led me to explore particle physics, embryology, cosmology, cell physiology, land ownership, identity, water and currents amongst many other subjects. There is also a cross over with my current profession, psychotherapy, which emphasises the importance of personal boundaries and my focus here has been to work with experiences of traumatic transgressions in particular. 



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